Stabens annual Charity Challenge - Tough Mudder

Many of you will know that our Director Liz has pledged to do one major challenge each year in order to raise money for various worthy causes and charities.

"we are all so busy and have so much going on in our lives. Most of us have so much on our shoulders, but if we can all do just a little bit, as and when we can throughout our lives, that should add up to a great big contribution!"

Last year I completed my first challenge, 'The Edinburgh 50 mile Night Ride'. Despite being arranged at very short notice, through the hugely generous support from so many wonderful people (thank you), I raised £2287.50 for the Alan Shearer Foundation and Make a Wish UK.

Whilst delighted with that first attempt, I felt that my next challenge should be something a little more interesting and I would of course, like to raise even more money if possible.

Those of you familiar with Tough Mudder ( www.toughmudder ) will know that it is one of the most physically demanding challenges. It is also a team oriented challenge, so although in theory it ticks some of those 'raise your game' boxes, I would need to somehow find some enthusiastic others to join me. Having asked a few friends, i realised that in itself could be quite a challenge!

In need of inspiration and knowing his passion for sport, fitness and challenges, I chatted the idea though with the fabulous Mr Barry Hearn.

Within minutes 'Team Matchroom' was born!

Matchroom Sport & Staben Sport are taking part in Tough Mudder, London West on Saturday the 30th April 2016 to raise money for Saint Francis Hospice.

Myself and the team would be so incredibly grateful to anyone who feels they can sponsor us. No matter how small, your donation or sponsorship is hugely appreciated "if we all just give a little, as and when we can, it should add up to a lot"

Please use the following link to our Virgin Money Giving page to donate or sponsor us


Tough Mudder is a team-oriented 12 mile military style course designed to test physical strength and mental grit. Obstacles are some of the toughest on the planet.

'Pain and suffering aren't by-products - they're the main event!'

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